If you are seeking for making a daily healthy online gameplay habit for your user on a game platform then this article might be helpful for you and here you will learn some psychology behind gameplay and some tricks to build a healthy habit.

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If you play any types of games and I ask you why do you like playing games, what would be your short answer?

  • Because it’s fun! most of you agree with this answer right? but what makes it fun? do you have any idea what happens in your brain when playing any of…

Summary: Lostness is a metric which helps you to understand the how lost your users are when they use your product and here you will learn how to calculate Losteness value effectively.

Assume you and your friends went on a forest adventure, and you’re all having a great time until you realize you’re lost. There’s no electricity, no mobile networks, and you don’t even have a map. What would you do? What would be your’s reaction?

You can pretty much guess what I’m talking about.

The reaction could be like

The same thing could happen in websites or applications also if user interacting with…

Let’s assume you’ve received permission from your boss to conduct remote UX research, then you’ve decided the research method, designed the entire plan and you’ve hired the target customer.

Here is the main part of the research is Conducting UX Research and you’re now unsure how to conduct the interview remotely. What to ask? how to ask? and what ethics should I follow?

Don’t worry; I’ve included a UX research interview guide with an example for an online gaming application (ABC Rummy game) below, which you can feel free to use for your next project.

Topic: White the research topic…

This article includes a complete guide for eye-tracking testing from scratch level, including when it can be used in UX research, how can you set it up, evaluate, collect data, and analyze it?

Two brothers (Bobo and Jojo) brushing their teeth (Fig -1)

Let me tell you a story: it’s 6 a.m. on Monday morning, and the alarm clock is ringing (brrring…!). Two brothers, Bobo and Jojo, wake up and need to get ready for school, then they go to the bathroom and brushed their teeth, but they haven’t opened their eyes since leaving their bed.

Wait for a second, they haven’t even opened their eyes yet? But how did…

Summary: If you are new to this UX research field or curious to learn about hypothesis testing then this article might be vital for you and In this article, you will be learning the primary stage of what is hypothesis testing in UX research and how to test it step by step with an example.

Definition: A hypothesis is a suggested explanation for a phenomenon. Hypothesis testing is the use of statistics to determine the probability that a given hypothesis is true.

Nature of Hypothesis:

A simple statement of what is supposed to be examined is the hypothesis. Before the…

Let me ask you some questions?

Food image

🤤 See this image for 5 seconds and now tell me, are you really craving for The McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger?

Notify is a browser plugin that works with salesforce to offer better UI and UX to users.

Summary: “Notify” saved 12,000 minutes a day in our design team, helping to improve productivity by 5%.

Miss Jane Doe, is working with the Amazon design(DSP) team as a Visual designer

Miss Jane Doe, 29 years old, works as a visual designer, Seattle with the Amazon DSP(Amazon Demand-side Platform) team. Her day-to-day responsibly like create an amazon product page, Banner design, Product video editing, etc. …

Miss. Jane Doe is a 29 years old UX designer working with a well-known company in Seattle. She is currently working on a project where she has to communicate with different types of people including Steakholer, Product Managers, Designers, Developers. One day, after a long conversation, she was brainstorming about her project with her colleagues and the manager, and she found that she was looping through a specific path or topic where people were less confident to make a particular discussion.

Sounds familiar? No?

Ok then, Let me give you some different examples.

Summary: Nowadays each and every organization want to be a customer-centric organization because the user is the key part of any company or organization and User Research Plays a vital role in this. The earth’s most customer-centric company Amazon invests lots of money in UX Research even Google, Airbnb, Intuit and so many companies are also belonging to this list. As per the Forrester ResearchResearch shows that, on average, every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return.

Some misconceptions about UX Research:

  • UX research and Usability testing are too expensive and time-consuming.
  • We already know our users.
  • We…

Research process

The word work consists of two syllables, “re” and “search”. The dictionary describes the former as a prefix meaning again, new or new, and the latter as a verb, meaning to be studied closely and carefully, checked and evaluated, or recovered. Together, they form a noun representing thorough, systematic, patient study, and analysis in a given field of knowledge undertaken to develop facts or principles (Grinnell 1993). The simplistic sense of research is the search for truth, the answer to the research question, and the solution to the problem.

Definition: Research is a careful and detailed study into a specific…

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