UX Research and Design for -“Notify ” at Amazon

Miss Jane Doe, is working with the Amazon design(DSP) team as a Visual designer
This is the salesforce ticket-based system where each designer will assign by ticket
Work responsibility of our target users of a single day
The design process which I followed to solve this problem

Is this a real problem which is worth to solve?

Scope of research

Objectives 1: Is this a real problem?

☞ Now my job is to Identify the Exact Problem (User Research)

A. Conducting Survey:

Preparation before conducting a survey
Preparation before conducting diary studies
A landscape of UX research methods
  1. How many assignments you are working on?
  2. Do you face any road blockers today and why?
  3. Is there any new assignment that you have got today?
  4. At what time you finished today’s work?
Preparation before thematic analysis
The insight we have got after diary studies
Persona will help us think on the right track while we are designing the product for our target user

☞ Now my Job is to Convert insights into Design/Solution (UX Design)

[What is the solution ?]

Uer flow diagram during the time of brainstorming session
Low-Fi sketch during the time of brainstorming session
Old design
Old design
New design (Desktop)
New design (Mobile)
Prototype video (Mobile)

☞ Why “Notify plugin” provide better UX?

Conclusion & Closing Thoughts:

This initiative project I led fully under my manger and I am quite grateful for my manager because of his continuous support and motivation, I was quite anxious and excited before beginning the user research I faced some challenges like the development issue and some privacy concern regarding data from IT team but my experience and leadership skills help me run this smoothly. At the time of user research, I have interacted with real users to understand their pain points which helps me to create better a customer-centric design. Lastly, I am delighted that this project has had a positive effect on the company by saved 12,000 minutes a day in our design team, helping to improve productivity by 5%.



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Udit Maitra

Udit Maitra

UX design researcher @Siemens | ex: Amazon